Boxcar Children


Benjamin Alden




6 years old


James Alden (grandfather)
Henry Alden (brother)
Jessie Alden (sister)
Violet Alden (sister)
Ben Alden (father, deceased)
Kate Alden (mother, deceased)

Benjamin "Benny" Alden is the youngest of the Boxcar Children, at age six. He is called Benny by his siblings, and is almost always hungry. He can sometimes be a nuisance. He can't read very well, but tries hard. In the early books Benny is very attached to a cracked pink cup he found in the garage dump. Benny is also sometimes called Ben, Benjamin, or 'Old Man' by Henry. He finds it very easy to make friends. He celebrates his 7th birthday in the second book, Surprise Island. He is shown to be at least fourteen to fifteen years old by the nineteenth book

He is the only character given a specific birthday, July 15 (book 18). This makes his birthstone a ruby, which matches his favorite color of red.

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