Jessie Alden


Jessie Alden




12 years old


James Alden (grandfather)
Henry Alden (brother)
Violet Alden (sister)
Benny Alden (brother)
Ben Alden (father, deceased)
Kate Alden (mother, deceased)



Full Name

Jessica Alden

Other Names

Jess (In Book 1

Jessie Alden is the elder sister of the Boxcar Children. She is a practical and organized person. Jessie is known for being a very motherly person. Jessie loves cooking, and does not mind cleaning. She often carries a notebook with her everywhere. She is like a mother especially to Benny. She has long, dark, brown hair. She is good at reading maps, which is seen in several books. She ages throughout the series, and is noted to be a high school senior in book seven (however she is de-aged in later books). Her favorite color is blue, and she is shown to love cooking and baking.

There are hints that she harbors a crush on John Carter, one of her grandfather's younger employees. She is shown to speak French, is a strong swimmer, and is a certified lifeguard. The books imply that she does not attend college after high school.

In the new animated movies she is a red-head with blue eyes, and has a habit of gently correcting Benny's manners.

Note: although Watch is a family pet, he is most often referred to as Jessie's dog.

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