List of things that need to be done Edit


Does not look like there are any policies what so ever

Will have to create policies


Check all current images for copyright info

all of the books have new covers

some of the cover art is same and some is different

collect all of the different covers for each book

-upload them and add them to the bottom of the page -will use the most recent cover in the thumbnail

-if missing add it mainly (couple images left need to find right copyright template for those images)

few images that are used on personal pages not sure what to do about those (possibly delete?)

-standardize image naming

-upload missing cover images

-fix the missing images on those 3 articles

make all image files the same file type

Find and upload images for the covers that are missing

Fix the categoriesEdit

figure out what categories are needed

Definitely need categories for main characters, alden family, locations, books, the specials, the 3 books in one specials, others that come up and are needed

New OrganizationEdit

Master Category- this is where the categories are categorized

Characters minor characters show up in one or two books looks of characters are in just one book

re-occuring characters like John Carter Joe and Alice or Soo Lee

main characters ones like the Alden children Grandfather

family all of the families will be under this one


Boxcar Children Books for all books either featuring or about the Boxcar Children

Boxcar Children Mysterys for all of the ones that are about a mystery the specials will have their own subcat under this one

The graded readers and comic books

The movies plus its subcats

locations like Greenfield or Silver City plus the Boxcar


-pets think Watch

The maintenance categories will be under the master category in the maintenance category and organized from there


create a rename template.

figure out what is going on with the infoboxes

delete templates like the one for albums they are not needed

move templates over to the new syntax or create new templates

-might be easier to create new templates, can have what is needed and do not have to migrate the templates

why that one book infobox puts the pages it is on in the template category? probably delete that template and create a new one or import one from the template wiki.

have two infoboxes for books

- one was created by someone has no documentation behaves weirdly it is used on many pages

- one was the standard it looks like every wiki got when it was created in 2009 needs to be moved to the new syntax not used

neither one has all the features on it that I want

might be better to create my own and migrate all the pages to it

Have to have administrator privileges to fix these issues


Every book should have a page now

most need summmaries

create pages for the books that have come out since the last time it was updates

fix and add infoboxes for every page

Have read almost every book up until The Mystery of the Stolen Snowboard none of them after

May not have access to every book

have to keep up with the new releases

will have trouble with summaries for some books as I have not read them


rewrite the character pages

not sure what to do about the Benny, Violet, Jessie and Henry Pages

they age in the first 19 books but stop aging in the later books

maybe two summaries first 19 and then the rest with a note that the stop aging and de-age in the later books

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