Boxcar Children


Violet Alden




10 years old


James Alden (grandfather)
Henry Alden (brother)
Jessie Alden (sister)
Benny Alden (brother)
Ben Alden (father, deceased)
Kate Alden (mother, deceased)

Violet Alden is the younger sister of the Boxcar Children. She is 10 years old, very shy, and doesn't like big crowds. She is a wonderfully talented girl who can paint and draw like a professional. She's also great at playing the violin and sewing. Violet loves animals, is caring to everybody, and in the books she is referred to as a great photographer. She has light brown hair, and because her favorite color is purple, she often wears an article of purple clothing. She is shown to be a high school freshman by the seventh book. In the sixteenth book she gets a white kitten named Sugar Cookie.

Violet has stated she would like to be a nurse. She is extremely delicate, worries a great deal, and becomes sick and cold very easily.

In the new animated movies she has black hair and purple eyes.

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